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EADL is the European association of schools, institutions and individuals working in correspondence and distance education. With members from over 20 European countries, the Association is a representative forum for the exchange of information and ideas on current practice and developments in the expanding field of distance learning. Nearly all member states of the European Community are represented in EADL, and EADL also has members in Norway, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey. Offering over 5,000 different courses, EADL members work with more than 2.5 million students all over Europe.

If you want to meet people with experience in distance education, join EADL and participate.
Dirk van der Mark, President

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Kees Veen, Executive Director,
Nuwendoorn 16,
NL-1613 LD Grootebroek, The Netherlands.
Tel.: +31 228 521 546
Fax: +31 228 522 626
Mobile: +31 665 783 137
E-mail: kveen@eadl.org