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The commitees

EADL is governed by the Executive Committee. The members of the Executive Committee are elected from representatives of the ordinary members (including the national association members) and represent at least five nationalities. The President, Treasurer and one of the Vice-Presidents are elected by the Annual General Meeting.

The Executive Committee has appointed an Executive Director to support its work. It has also established a Research and Development Committee and the Roll of Honour Managing Board.

Research and development

Mr. Jens Greefe- chairman –
Mr. Niels Henrik Helms – member –
Mr. Christos Hadjiyiannis – member –
Mr. Ronald Jansen – member –

Mrs. Kari Olstad – member –
Mr. Tony Hopwood – member –
Mr. Tony Horsfield – secretary –

The roll of honour

Roll of Honour, Managing Board

Mr. John Trasler- President – (

The purpose of the Roll of Honour is to honour outstanding people in the field of distance learning, to promote the idea of distance learning not only in the field of education but also among politicians, civil servants and industry leaders, and in general to bring prestige to distance learning.
Nominations can be made by members and non-members alike. The criteria are that the nominee should meet one or more of the following:
(1) an extraordinary promoter of distance learning;
(2) an outstanding researcher in distance learning;
(3) a substantial influence in distance learning.

Nominees will be invited to submit a short biography. Recipients of the award to date have been:

  • John Bååth
  • Lord Walter Perry
  • David Young
  • Börje Holmberg
  • Manfred Delling
  • Torstein Rekkedal
  • Thomas Onken
  • Mike Lambert
  • Kari Lampikoski
  • Desmond Keegan
  • Dirk van der Mark


EADL welcomes nominations from members and non-members alike for next year’s election to the Roll of Honour.
Contact the Executive Director to receive an electronic or a printed Roll of Honour nomination form.