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In October 1999, EADL elected to join with the U.S.-based Distance Education Accrediting Commission (formerly the Distance Education and Training Council) in sharing common interests and offering member benefits to each respective group. The goal of this mutual cooperation is to encourage the free exchange of ideas between the two groups.
DEAC is based in Washington, DC USA. Dr. Leah K. Matthews is the Executive Director of DEAC. She is a sought-after speaker on higher education policy issues for distance education accreditation in both the United States and internationally. Dr. Matthews has served on a range of leadership boards and advisory councils to include a federal policy committee that provided recommendations to the United States Department of Education on authorization procedures for distance education.

DEAC’s primary activity is quality assurance and improvement for distance education. DEAC’s accreditation process aligns with a greater social responsibility to assure access, affordability and opportunities to students through standards that ensure excellence in teaching, learning and student outcomes for distance education. The education provided by DEAC-accredited institutions supports workforce preparation, professional engagement and civic engagement. The DEAC engages a global stakeholder base that includes institutions, students, employers, other accrediting bodies, non-traditional education providers and trendsetters in distance education.

Since 1959, DEAC has been formally recognized as a reliable authority on distance education quality by the United States Department of Education, the official government agency charged with overseeing higher education accreditation. DEAC is also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and is a member of CHEA’s International Quality Group. Recognition by CHEA affirms that DEAC’s accreditation standards and procedures meet the academic quality, institutional improvement and accountability expectations that the peer-review system in the United States upholds for accredited institutions.

DEAC is proud to serve as the only nationally recognized U.S. accrediting association focused exclusively on the advancement and improvement of distance learning institutions.

EADL members are always welcome to attend DEAC’s events and meetings. Visit DEAC’s website at