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Distance learning is a great way to learn. Courses are available for almost any subject of professional or personal interest. Distance learning allows you to choose your own pace, and there is much less impact on your personal and professional life than that experienced by attending a full-time course. Distance learning gives you the convenience of studying at home. Quality study materials, easy access to tutors, their support and guidance make distance learning highly effective. In many cases, courses include e-learning for greater versatility.

Distance learning can give you new skills and qualifications leading to new opportunities to enhance your career. Human resources managers value not only the knowledge and skills distance learners acquire but also their proven

discipline, initiative, perseverance, ambition and proficiency in self-management. These are personal qualities which the very process and experience of distance learning will help you develop further.

EADL providers sign up to a strict Code of Conduct. With an EADL provider you can rely on a fair deal for money and good service. Click here to go to the List of all Members to find EADL members in your country, with direct links to their websites.

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