2024 Prague – Embracing the Future: AI in Distance Learning

The 2024 EADL Conference took place in Prague, Czechia. The title was:

Embracing the Future: AI in Distance Learning


Day 1

Vladimir Kovar, Unicorn University – Watch video 

Sabine Verheyen, EU Parliament – Watch Video

Keynote – Barend Last, Chatting with Napoleon (AI for Learning) Download

Julia Joachim and Vera Kristina Lenz-Kesekamp, Euro FH – New Competences for Learners, Teachers and AI Download

David Hartman, Vice-President of research at Unicorn University – Introduction of the business chat (AI) within the teaching and admin IS of the University – AI and Curriculum Development (Coming Soon)

Sam Wadsworth, Pearson Education – Generative AI – The Future of Content Development Download


1 Kristian Nøhr Jensen, University College Copenhagen – AI-Prompt Engineering and Learning Design Download
2 Robin Gibson, Kortext (UK) – Using AI Enhanced Study Tools Download
3 Niels Henrik Helms, CELF-AI: Narrativity and Visualization 

Andrea Feddersen, APPOLLON and Ger Driesen, aNewSpring – Wisdom of the Crowd 

Day 2

Daniela Valsova – BIG HUB, CZ – Working with innovative AI in Business Processes Download

Leah Matthews, DEAC – Impact of AI on the US Distance Learning Industry Download

Tom Bos, CEO Skills Town – AI from a business perspective of a learning company Download

Jakub Haláček, Unicorn Publishing – The use of proprietary distance learning tools at Unicorn to facilitate thousands of training sessions (Coming Soon)

Morten Flate Paulsen. CEO of Nordic Open Online Academy, Professor of Online Education, former secretary general of ICDE and President of EDEN – Technology and learning trends in online education’ – a personal journey’. Download