Adapting to new challenges

Wednesday 26th August 3-5 CET

The Speakers

George De Jongh
Niels Henrik Helms
Gilly Salmon


Ellen Gunning
John Trasler

The Schedule

Platform: Zoom (hosted Ellen Gunning)
When: Wednesday 26 August, 3-5pm CET  

Moderator: Ellen Gunning

  1. Marketing Opportunities – George De Jongh,  Managing Director at Dirksen Opleidingen
  2. How to Create Presence and Interactivity Online – Niels Henrik Helms, docent, University College Copehagen
  3. Learning Online – New & Old challenges – Professor Gilly Salmon

Moderator gives a short introduction

3 short presentations (12 mins long) by each of the 3 speakers 

Wrap-up led by Moderator

Q&A with all Presenters


The conference is free to register for both EADL members and Non-members.

It is limited to 100 participants, but will be broadcast on Facebook live.