Copenhagen 2017 – Conference Resources

The 2017 EADL Conference took place in Copenhagen, Denmark

The title was: Presence at a Distance: Technologies and methods for learner engagement.

The program was as follows: Engaging Learners in a 100 year Life: Ger Driessen Download

Current and future technological development for engaging the distance Learner; Susan Aldridge – Susan Aldridge presentation was an online direct video-presentation from Drexel University online presentation.

Artificial Intelligence + Virtual Reality = Intelligent Virtual environment: Roy Clariani

Learning Environments – Design Issues AND Challenges: Niels Henrik Helms Download

Serious Games Revisited: Simon Egenfeld-Nielsen Download

Blended Learning: a Way to deal with diversity in the Classroom: Marjolein Zweekhorst Download

Re-defining collaboration of teachers trough virtual exchange: Airina Volungevičienė Download

Learning Environments: Frank Ulrich Due to peer review this presentation is not available

Scaling up and thinking wide: Vegard Meland Download

Video presentation Gilly Salmon video is available on YouTube

Follow up on Gilly Salmon: Anita Monty Pedagogy-driven-use-of-technology-anitamonty_final

Designing engaging learning events. Follow up Gilly Salmon; Hróbjatur Árnason Download

Create inspiring learning journeys:  Martèn de Prez not available yet

Learning Analytics: From big promises to daily use in flexible learning: Steen Grønbæk

Lurking – Is lurking working?: Taru Kekkonen Download

Open and closed Can closed facilitate openness?: Alastair Creelman Download

Online Learning in digital entrepreneurship – an innovative business model: Lorraine Dalmeier Download