EADL 2019 Conference – Day 1 Review

The 2019 EADL conference was held in the Metrospa Hotel in Tallinn Estonia on May 23rd – 24th.  There were speakers from 8 different countries and delegates from 12 countries.

Following registration, there was an introduction to the conference by EADL president John Trasler. John talked about the theme of the conference “Connected Learning” as well as the organisation. He then introduced Marten Kaevats, digital advisor to the Estonian government who gave a great presentation on Estonia’s quest to become a digital society, including online services and e-residency.


Steve Wheeler gave Thursday’s keynote speech. Steve took us on a journey through Technology Supported Learning, asking “What has been, and what is yet to come.” It offered some fantastic insights into how technology will shape future learning.

Torunn Gjelsvik of Flexible Education Norway (FUN) then presented on Open Education Resources (OER), exploring how they be used a tool for innovation in teaching and learning, why new business models emerge and digital certification. A lively debate followed Torunn’s presentation as business owners were keen to see if OER’s are an opportunity or a threat to their existing models.


Following lunch, the delegates were treated to 2 hands-on workshops. The first hosted by Piet Blaat and Saloua Lemrini of Dirksen Opleidingen in The Netherlands. Delegates where given 360 cameras and a brief to create their own training. When they returned they produced their own training in 360 degree complete with information hotspots before viewing their creations using VR headsets.

The other workshop was noted by Leelo Kingisepp and Marju Ilves and explored online language learning. This was a very interactive session with delegates up on their feet and interactive with each other in order to understand the world of online language learning.

The final presentation of the day was by EADL conference regular Ger Dreisen, who was perfect for the late afternoon slot as he didn’t give anyone an opportunity to slump in their chairs. Ger had everyone on their feet in order to collaborate on discovering conferences key takeaway.  He also rewarded delates with Dutch Waffles, which went down well!

Following the 1st day of presentations and workshop, the delates headed to the wonderful Hopner’s House in Tallinn’s old town, where they were treated to exquisite food, great entertainment in the form of a pianist and a very entertaining magician. Please see the gallery for the images from the social evening here 

All the presentation will be available in the membership section here

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