EADL 2019 Conference – Day 2 Review

Fortified by coffee, delegates were challenged to think outside conventional learning theory and explore ‘Jeff’s law’ – a new paradigm for learning power by innovation expert Jef Staes, who along with a 3D printed illuminated brain challenged us to look at things differently. A lively debate followed, as expected!

Aune Valk from the University of Tartu then gave a talk on a much-debated subject – MOOCs. The University offered a wide range of programmes using MOOCs with free digital certification. They are studied by participants from 130 countries and have a completion rate of over 50% compared to less than 15% for most MOOC based programmes.

Alastair Creelman then presented a session on “Collaborative Online Learning”, considered how to energise silent learners’, and discussed collaborative workspaces such as Padlet and ‘smarter collaboration’.


Reelika Virunurm then explained about Estonia’s innovative digital society focusing on its revolutionary e-Residency scheme.  Famous Estonian e-Residents including Pope Francis, Bill Gates and Prince Andrew! The e-Residency scheme allows businesses to set up in Estonia giving them access to the EU market.


Following Reelika, Colin Pereira explained  “How to Market Across Borders: Asia and the UK” and talked about the demand for an overseas qualifications studied locally, and considered capacity development, level-appropriate education, lowering cost and increasing flexibility.

EADL conference regular Leah Matthews then explained latest trends for distance learning in the USA, highlighting the upward curve for online programmes and the trend towards “micro-certification”.  Blockchain was also mentioned as something providers need to be aware of.

Finally we enjoyed a fireplace discussion debating the topics we had covered over the three days, and what a lively discussion it was. The panel of Torunn Gjelsvik, Alastair Creelman, Marten Kaevats, Ger Driesen and Saloua Lemrini, chaired by Tony Hopwood, which it quickly evolved into a discussion between all the delegates, giving gave everyone food for thought.

All that was left was for President John Trasler to thank everyone and promote the2020 conference which will be held in Berlin on May 14 & 15. We hope to see you there!

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