Major Activities

  1. EADL conferences
    Every year, EADL organizes a conference where members meet and where views and new developments are discussed and exchanged. In the section Past conferences, information about past conferences can be found.


  1. Quality guide
    EADL has developed quality guidelines in order to safeguard standards and maintain and improve the quality of courses and services to ensure the credibility of distance learning. This project was supported by EU funding. The Quality Guide and the “Minimum Standards of Quality for EADL Members” were revised in 2003. For a copy of the new editions contact the Executive Director of EADL, Tony Horsfield at


  1. ISO-29990 Quality Guide (Code of Practice and aids for Implementation)
    EADL has published a guide with guidelines and best practices for the implementation of  ISO 29990. This quality guide offers reliable assistance to European learning providers who want to achieve certification under ISO29990. The publication is currently available in German, German/English combined and English. For EADL members a free copy can be obtained  from the EADL Executive Director, Tony Horsfield at

The German version and the combined version can be ordered by Forum DistancE-Learning in Germany .

Price: € 35