Meet the #EADL20 Speakers – Anja C. Wagner

Dr. Anja C. Wagner is the CEO of Frollein Flow.

Anja deals with user experience and educational politics in the process of digital transformation. In the last two decades, she managed a lot of digital education projects for (big) companies, universities, NGOs and independent initiatives. There are also ten years of teaching and research in universities. She is considered as a creative trendsetter and describes herself as an educational transformer. Her purpose is, to empower individuals, institutions and regions to connect to modern, networked learning environments. Today, she offers studies, lectures, consulting and various online projects under the umbrella of FrolleinFlow GbR.

Anja will be presenting a Keynote at the conference titled “Learning 4.0”. Anja says “The world is undergoing transformative change. All previous conditions and certainties are facing a test. Even “education”. The classical education system was well optimised for the 20th century.  But what tasks must the education system of the future cope with? How do people organize themselves? And can AI support them?”

You can find out more about Frollein Flow here:

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