Meet the #EADL20 Speakers – Dr Christos Hadjiyannis

We are pleased to announce that Dr Christos Hadjiyannis of the Cyprus Institute of Marketing will be speaking at the EADL conference “Digital Transformation in Flexible Learning” in Berlin.

Christos has been Director of Quality at CIM since 2016. He is also leading the Distance Learning operations at CIM. Christos’s background is in English Literature. He holds degrees from Nottingham, Cambridge, and Edinburgh and was formerly Research Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford. He continues to publish scholarly work on modern and contemporary literature.

Christos will present a presentation titled: When Worlds Collide: Some Challenges of Distance-Learning Education.

Christos says that Distance-Learning Education has successfully turned on its head an apparent oxymoron, proving that distance education can, in fact, be extremely personal and personable – and all the more engaging, fulfilling, and inspiring for that. But that’s not to say that ‘tensions’ or contradictory forces within distance education have altogether disappeared.

While scholars have continued to pay attention to resistance on the part of educators to embrace e-learning, for example, or to more general cultural clashes within institutions promoting distance education, in his presentation Christos will pay attention to some others ways in which ‘worlds collide’ in distance learning education – sometimes in complementary and inspiring ways, other times to frustrating and dispiriting effect.

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