Meet the #EADL20 Speakers – Saloua Lemrini & Maaike Bongers

Saloua Lemrini and Maaike Bongers from the Netherlands work at Dirksen Opleidingen a technical training institute that specialises in providing high-quality IT, electronics and telecommunications training.

Saloua has twice delivered very exciting and well received workshops on VR and 360 photography. Maaike joins us for the first time in Berlin.

In their own words, they explain their specialities and what to expect from a very exciting workshop on AI

“We feel fortunate to be experimenting with the latest learning technologies while seeking for effective learning possibilities for our students.

360 degree learning presentation

We both work on the department Research and Development at Dirksen Opleidingen B.V. As learner developers, we focus on building and renewing learn courses based on the latest technologies. Furthermore, creating effective learning journeys for blended learning that covers e-learning and performance support at Dirksen Opleidingen.

In addition to learning developers, we are also members of the examination committee. Our concern within this committee is developing valid exam procedures determined by law.

We focus on changing the education systems through applying the latest technologies.
We seek challenges concerning higher education in vocational programmes focusing on adult learners, distance education and courses that serve working professionals.”

The workshop/presentation

Get inspired with basic-Artificial Intelligence 

Don’t think – just do it 

Artificial Intelligence (ai) exists from reasonable intelligent till super intelligent. To this day we work mostly with basic intelligence. This type of intelligence is able to fix small problems and execute simple tasks like, completing a Rubix cube. It works within a small context and cannot take tasks that fall outside of it.

  • Due this workshop we’ll introduce to you how basis intelligence works and how this can effect learners 
  • You get to experiment and practice it yourself
  • We hope to send all of the attendees home with a wider perspective on ai and machine learning and how to apply ai in your company while keeping it simple. 

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