Prague 2015 – Conference Resources

The 2015 EADL Conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic

The strategy of Digital Learning in the Czech Republic until the Year 2020, Daniela Růžičková Download

Adoption of Open Online Education in Europe, Fred de Vries ( URL )

Micro Learning: the next Phase, Martin H. Andresen Download

Distance Education in the US: Innovations, Disruptions or Both? Leah Matthews Download

Assuring Quality in the Cinese ODL Sector – Meeting the Challenge of Size and Distance, Bin Bai Download

Mooc’s: The Global State of Art in 20151,  František Dalecký Download

Mooc’s and their Business Models, František Dalecký Download

From Moocs to a Virtual Environment, Lukáš Paleček Download

Online Examination, Dipak Gohil Download

Providing Distance Learning with Comfortable Access to Relevant Content, Jakub Petřík Download

The effectiveness of Social Media in Marketing, Carly Mason Download

How to Efficiently Use Social Media, Jan Randus Download

Improve your impact: E-coaching and Online Student Collaboration,Hannelore Dekeyser Download

Big Data and the Quality of Education – Can we Scale Great Solutions onto the Global Market?, Jolanta Galecka Download

E-Learning Challenges ith Focus on Target User, Michal Zwinger Download

What Questions Should I Be Asking about Data Security?, Kit Sadgrove Download

Pricing Strategy: Does It Work? Everyhere?, Michael Lammersdorf Download