Previous Conferences

Hamburg 2013

Brussels 2023

The 2023 EADL Conference took place in Brussels, Belgium. The title was: Life Long Learning: Flexibility and Sustainability

The program was as follows:

Day 1 – Thursday 11th May 

Sabine Verheyen – Chairwoman of the Committee for Culture and Education of the European Parliament – Watch Video

Keynote: Sustainability in Distance Education – Tim Breitbarth

E-vermore: Exploring the Sustainability in Course Design – Gilly Salmon

Collaborative Practice: The Key to Sustainable Learning Design – Alexandra Mihai


  1. Storyboarding as a Learning Design Technique – Alexandra Mihai
  2. Narrativity in Course Design: An Interactive Journey – Rikke Toft Nørgård & Niels Henrik Helms
  3. E-tivities: The recipe for Active Online Learning – Gilly Salmon

Day 2 – Friday 12th May

Sustainability: Retention – Esther Chesterman

Adaptive Learning – Christain Hense

On the way to Education 3.0 – Dmitry Polyakof & Charlie Croft

Riding the Hype for Sustainability – Ger Driesen

Distance Learning in the USA – Dr Leah Matthews

Sustainability: Marketing, PR and Reputation Manangement – Ellen Gunning, Chris Wolstenholme & John Trasler

Copenhagen 2022

The 2022 EADL Conference took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The title was: Reinventing Distance Learning

The program was as follows:

Day 1 – Thursday 19th May

Sabine Verheyen – Chairwoman of the Committee for Culture and Education of the European Parliament – Watch Video

Lone Daugaard Jepsen – Sustainability Manager, IDA

Keynote: Success, Learn from Productive Failure – Professor Manu Kapur (Slides not Available)

More Playful Learning In Course Design – Rikke Toft Nørgård

Trends in Learning – Dr Hannah Gore

Feedback in Learning – Professor Naomi Winstone


  1. Digital Storytelling, Making a Podcast – Peter Baxter
  2. Narrativity in Course Design – Rikke Toft Nørgård & Niels Henrik Helms
  3. Micro Lessones – Gjermund Eikli

Day 2 – Friday 20th May

KEYNOTE: Using Data in Education – Stephen Brobst

Learning Through Assessment – Professor Arild Raaheim

Learning Analytics – Best Practices in the Netherlands – JaapJan Vroom

Blockchain for Certificates – Andreas Wittke

Distance Learning in the USA – Dr Leah Matthews

Virtual 2021

The 2021 EADL Conference was a virtual conference The title was: Digital Transformation in Flexible Learning

The program was as follows:

Thursday May 6 – Session 1

KEYNOTE Learning 4.0 – Dr Anja C. Wagner – Download


Thursday May 6 – Session 2

Adaptive Learning and Beyond – Daniella Tasic Hansen & Anders Bolund Larsen – Download

Adaptive Learning in Vocational Education – Andreas Kambach –  Download


Friday May 7 – Session 1

Online Proctoring in Reality – Thomas Fetsch Download

Testing Integrity and Proctoring –  Dr. Matthias Baume Download


Friday May 7 – Session 2

News from Formula Botanica – Lorraine Dallmeier Download

Distance Learning in the USA – Dr Leah Matthews Download

Tallinn 2019

The 2019 EADL Conference took place in Tallinn, Estonia, The title was: Connected Learning

The program was as follows:

Thursday May 23:

  • KEYNOTE ‘Technology Supported Learning: What has been and what is yet to come.” – Steve Wheeler
  • New Business Models: Open Educational Resources – Torunn Gjelsvik


  1. Using Language Tools – Leelo Kingisepp and Marju Ilves
  2. Using 360-degree photographs in learning – Saloua Lemrini and Piet Blaas, Dirksen Opleidingen
  • Wisdom of the Crowd – Ger Driesen

Friday, May 24

  • KEYNOTE Jeff’s Law, a new paradigm for learning power ” Jeff Staes
  • Open source learning: Extending the discussion – Aune Valk and Lehti Pilt
  • Collaborative Online Learning: Extending the discussion – Alastair Creelman
  • E-Residency – Reelinka Virunurm  How to market across borders: Asia and the UK – Colin Pereira
  • News from over the pond: Leah Matthews

The presentations are available for download from the members only section.

Manchester 2018


The 2018 EADL Conference took place in Manchester, UK The title was: Making Learning Visual and Viable

The program was as follows:

Thursday May 24:

  • The potential of the visual for the Knowledge Generation, Mie Buhl, Aalborg University
  • Learning Technologies for Distance Learning … Today and Tomorrow  …. Video and more, David Patterson, Learning Light
  • The Use of Explainer videos, Elisabeth Mandl, Wikimedia.


  1. Smartphone – Fostering Digitl Learning, Pauliina Venho, University of Helsinki
  2. Animated video for Teaching, Ilya Kompasov, Simpleshow Foundation
  3. Experience VR for Teachning, Saloua Lemrini, Dirksen Opleidingen
  • Digital Story Telling, Niels Henrik Helms

Friday May 25

  • Creating a Best in Class Micro Learning Ecosystem, Gerry Griffin, Skill-Pill M-Learning
  • Addressing Disruption: Comfort or Chaos?, Leah Matthews, DEAC
  • Using Data for Business Development, Ger Driessen aNewSpring
  • EADL Quality Guide, John Trasler, EADL
  • A Guide to Quality in Online Learning and Teaching, Kari Olstad, FUN
  • Panel discussion: Quality Care in the Case of Reselling, Morten Flate Paulsen, Tony Hopwood, Ger Driessen moderated by Martin Kurz.

The presentations are available for download from the members only section.

Copenhagen 2017


The 2017 EADL Conference took place in Copenhagen, Denmark The title was: Presence at a Distance: Technologies and methods for learner engagement.

The program was as follows:

  • Engaging Learners in a 100 year Life: Ger Driessen
  • Current and future technological development for engaging the distance Learner; Susan Aldridge – Susan Aldridge presentation was an online direct video presentation from Drexel University Online
  • Artificial Intelligence + Virtual Reality = Intelligent Virtual environment: Roy Clariana
  • Learning Environments – Design Issues AND Challenges: Niels Henrik Helms
  • Serious Games Revisited : Simon Egenfeld-Nielsen.
  • Blended Learning: a Way to deal with diversity in the Classroom; Re-defining collaboration of teachers trough virtual exchange : Airina Volungevičienė
  • Learning Environments: Frank Ulrich (Due to peer review this presentation is not available)
  • Scaling up and thinking wide: Vegard Meland
  • Video presentation Gilly Salmon video is available on YouTube; Follow up on Gilly Salmon: Anita Monty Designing engaging learning events. Follow up Gilly Salmon; Hróbjatur Árnason .
  • Create inspring learning journeys: Martèn de Prez
  • Learning Analytics: From big promises to daily use in flexable learning: Steen Grønbæk ;
  • Lurking – Is lurking working?: Taru Kekkonen
  • Open and closed Can closed facilitate openness?: Alastair Creelman
  • Online Learning in digital entrepreneurship – an innovative business model: Lorraine Dallmeier ;
  • Distance Education in a restless and impatient world: Leah Matthews’

The presentations are available for download from the members only section.

Nicosia 2016

  • Trends in open and online Education: is it just MOOC’s: Robert Schuwer
  • How to predict Performance when Personalizing Learning: Loizos Michael
  • The use of books versus e-books as learning materials; Mark Endean
  • Best practices: Jens Greefe
  • Best practices: Christos Hadjiyannis
  • The use of Webinars: Webinars – Worth the trouble? Torhild Slåtto 
  • The view from over the pond (Recent developments in the USA): Leah Matthews
  • Social Video Learning Project: Eric Tarantini 
  • The use of video as learning materials: Video-Worth the trouble?: Oscar Helfferich, Jens Greefe 
  • Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning: Current and future applications: Roy Clariana
  • Serious Gaming: Example of an incompany development: Menno Veen
  • How can Big Data help optimize the process of education?: Yolanta Galecka 
  • New Markets for Distance-Learning: The case of Africa: Yangos Hadjiyannis

Prague 2015

The 2015 EADL Conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic

  • The strategy of Digital Learning in the Czech Republic until the Year 2020, Daniela Růžičková
  • Adoption of Open Online Education in Europe, Fred de Vries ( URL )
  • Micro Learning: the next Phase, Martin H. Andresen
  • Distance Education in the US: Innovations, Disruptions or Both? Leah Matthews
  • Assuring Quality in the Cinese ODL Sector – Meeting the Challenge of Size and Distance, Bin Bai
  • Mooc’s: The Global State of Art in 20151,  František Dalecký
  • Mooc’s and their Business Models, František Dalecký
  • From Moocs to a Virtual Environment, Lukáš Paleček
  • Online Examination, Dipak Gohil
  • Providing Distance Learning with Comfortable Access to Relevant Content, Jakub Petřík
  • The effectiveness of Social Media in Marketing, Carly Mason
  • How to Efficiently Use Social Media, Jan Randus
  • Improve your impact: E-coaching and Online Student Collaboration,Hannelore Dekeyser
  • Big Data and the Quality of Education – Can we Scale Great Solutions onto the Global Market?, Jolanta Galecka
  • E-Learning Challenges ith Focus on Target User, Michal Zwinger
  • What Questions Should I Be Asking about Data Security?, Kit Sadgrove
  • Pricing Strategy: Does It Work? Everyhere?, Michael Lammersdorf

Edinburgh 2014

The 2014 EADL Conference took place in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Professor Tom Cannon: Sleepwalking into the future:
  • Steve Rayson: Learning at the need of speed – trends in corporate learning:
  • Donald Clark: Death of distance: pdf:
  • Kit Sadgrove: Hidden risks, secret opportunities:
  • Melissa Sabella: Content (r)evolution:
  • Martin Henrik Andresen: The learning intensive society and mobile microlearning:
  • Drs Wilfred Rubens: MOOCs:   or weblink
  • Andreas Vollmer: High-quality tutoring as an asset:
  • Dr Ros Morpeth and Carly Mason:  the ashes – the rebuilding of the National Extension College:
  • Richard Millwood: Unconference:
  • Dr Leah K Matthews: The changing landscape of distance education in the United States:
  • Prof Dr Ronald Deckert: Open Source and distance learning – future trends:
  • Oscar Helfferich: iEXA, the fruit of an exceptional model of collaboration:
  • John Trasler: VISIR innovation project grannies – the VISIR Experience: