The scary side of online learning!

As it’s Halloween we thought we would look at some scary aspects of distance and e-learning. But….fear not. EADL members have access to resources to make all these things a little less scary!

Technology is moving FAST!

Technology is now moving at breakneck speed and many of these new technologies are perfect to enhance online and digital learning.

This can be a scary time as just when we have got to grips with video and gamification here come artificial intelligence (AI) virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), Blockchain and wearable technology. It can all become a little overwhelming.

At our forthcoming conference, our speakers will aim to debunk these new technologies and explain whether they are worth your time and investment.

Increased Competition

Competition is increasing as the barriers to entry are now relatively low. Many business professionals and coaches are now offer e-learning courses without prior experience of the market. 

Due to the rise in entrepreneurship sometimes certification isn’t necessary and therefore not all courses are regulated.

Our members have the advantage of access to resources that can improve competition rates and student retention by improving the user experience and understanding pedagogical elements. 

The EADL badge can also be used by our members as a badge of trust, offering confidence to potential students that the courses and providers have followed our code of conduct.

Competition for attention

We now live in a world of distractions and constant notifications. Social media, TV on demand and smartwatches to name a few.

Keeping learners engaged and away from distractions can be a real challenge. Gamification and Microlearning are often hot topics at our conferences and our members share knowledge about new and exciting ways to engage learners.

We will be opening registration for our 2023 conference in Brussels very soon, where we hope to make the world of online education a little less scary!

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