Types of Membership


The best way for EADL to meet its objectives and carry out its mission is for more members to join and thus strengthen the organisation and broaden its scope. Membership application forms are available on this page. The principles of EADL are laid down in the Constitution, the Code of Conduct and the Minimum Standards. All available as downloadable PDF files:


There are four categories of members of EADL:

Ordinary members:
a. European Distance Learning Providers
b. National Associations
Associate members:
a. Individuals
b. Institutions, not qualifying for Ordinary membership
c. Others
Honorary members

Start-up members


(1) Ordinary members

Ordinary membership is open to European privately-owned and to non-governmental organisations active in the provision of distance learning. To qualify for ordinary EADL membership, an institution must comply with the Code of Conduct of the Association and with the Minimum Standards of Quality for EADL members. Application-form-Ordinary-Membership-2019-2020(PDF file).

EADL only accept members with the word “university” in their name and/or the claim that they offer degrees if they complied with local laws concerning higher education, which meant only institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education or accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the Ministry of Education would be eligible for membership.

(2) Associate members

Associate members are those who support the aims and activities of EADL. Both institutions (which do not qualify as Ordinary members) and individuals can be associate members of EADL.

Download form for Organisations:  Application form Associate Membership Institutions (PDF file).

Download form for Individuals: Application form Associate Membership Individuals (PDF file).

Membership is also open to public sector providers sympathetic to the advantages and needs of the private sector; corporate human resources and training departments; educational publishers; developers of educational software; and educational consultants. If you are in any of these categories and interested in membership, you are welcome to apply.

(3) Honorary members

Honorary members are individuals approved for life membership by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

(4) Start-up members

Providers new to open and distance modes of delivery can apply for this special category of membership if at the time of application they are not yet ready for an ordinary or associate membership.

During the first 2 years they must show that they comply fully with the minimum standards and the code of conduct. During this time, they must show that their provision is compatible with the standards and the code, and that they are committed to achieving this.
To demonstrate this progress they must report every 6 month report on their progress using the standard reporting form. Within 2 years a final decision is made about acceptance as an ordinary or associate member.
Start-up members do not have voting rights at the AGM. They may use the EADL logo with the following phrase: (institute) is a Start-up member of EADL. In the Membership list they are noted as: Start-up Member.


EADL present membership’s fees

The membership fee for ordinary members is dependent on the yearly turnover resulting from distance education activities of the organisation. For other groups there are fixed fees.

1. Ordinary members and Institutional Associate Members
Turn over:

up to 250.000 Euros€    200,-
between € 250.000 and € 500.000€    400,-
between € 500.000 and € 1.000.000€    600,-
between € 1.000.000 and € 2.500.000€    900,-
between € 2.500.000 and € 5.000.000€ 1.400,-
between € 5.000.000 and € 10.000.000€ 2.000,-
above 10.000.000 Euros€ 3.000,-

2. Non D.E. Institutions Associate Members:

Corporate human resources and training departments, Educational publishers, developers of educational software, or educational consultants not directly concerned with the provision of distance learning.

3. National Associations€ 500,-
4. Associate Members (Individuals)€ 200,-
5. Start-up Members

For further details please get in touch using the form below: