Using 360° technology to train technical workers

360 degree learning presentation

In The Netherlands, professional practitioners have to be certified to gain access to a technical building, but that is a problem.  How can you prove you have an understanding of the building, machinery, procedures and safety regulations if you have never set foot in the building to learn?

Traditionally this type of training consisted of documentation and text to read and gain an understanding of the future environment. Can this training provide a genuine understanding? Online learning brought images and video into the equation and that was an improvement, but still lacked in several areas.

Saloua Lemrini and Piet Blaas set out to improve this training. Saloua and Piet both work at Dirksen Opleidingen in The Netherlands, a member organisation of the EADL.  Saloua is a distance learning expert whose research is based on new technology and how it can be implemented in education programs. Piet is a project manager and photography expert who works on different class projects for Dirksen Opleidingen. Last year he focused on 360 photos and how they can be used in a learning environment.

They have taken a series of 360-degree photos, allowing the student to explore the technical building. All important points, such as machinery, tools and safety signs are labelled and the student can interact with them.  This solution enables the student to complete their certification after gaining experience in a real-world environment. The 360 walkthroughs can be viewed on either a static screen such as a computer, tablet or smartphone or by using a virtual reality headset such as Oculus to give a more immersive experience. Therefore when they enter the building it will be familiar to them, meaning more practical training can now take place.

At the EADL conference in Tallinn, Saloua and Piet will demonstrate this technology and give delegates a unique opportunity to create something themselves. All the equipment will be provided by Dirksen Opleidengen.  Saloua and Piet will also be available during networking sessions if you would like to know more about the technology and their research.

360 Camera and virtual reality headset

If you are using new technology to enhance your learning resources we would love to hear from you.

To find out more and book the 2019 EADL Conference – Connected Learning visit the conference page here

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