Virtual Workshop – ChatGPT and DL Education

Title: ChatGPT and DL Education: Assessment, Development, Operations

Date and time: 20 September, 2pm-3pm CET

Rationale: Heard about that thing called ChatGPT? To add to the cacophony of chat, we think it important for EADL to discuss this – it’s something everyone is talking about, but it’s also something many of us are unsure what to do about.

How does ChatGPT and AI more broadly impact the way we develop learning? How can we work with and not against ChatGPT? And how do we encourage (and cope with) learners using ChatGPT in positive and constructive ways?

Further and inevitably: what does it mean when intellectual work is being computerised? Is ChatGPT and AI in general a collaborative partner or are we talking about competition? How can we develop courses and learning material using AI? And how can we implement AI in our business processes?


Kristian Nøhr Jensen (Københavns Professionshøjskole)

Structure: Two 15-min presentations followed by Q&A

Moderator: Niels Henrik Helms